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The Turf is always GREENER with HumuX L+H on your side. Reinforce the soil structure for Healthier more robust roots.

HumuX L+H is a vermicompost extract that reinforces the naturaland biological aspects of soil by regenerating its life for optimal soil health.Healthier roots increase the absorption of nutrients which ultimatelyimproves turf stress tolerance.

(Revitalize your soil with HumuX L+H Extract)


HumuX L+H concentrated vermicompost extract does more to improve deficientturfgrass and maintain healthy turfgrass than any other management product in your tool shed. Proper fertilization practices produce a dense, richly vibrant turf that resists pests and environmental stresses.

When applied as directed, HumuX L+H improves turf by promoting the growth of microbial Population.

  • Easy to mix with current nutrition program
  • Improve soil sponginess and water-holding capacity
  • Accelerates root growth, bridging and increased density
  • Improve turf vigor, tolerance, and recovery
  • Increase production of valuable auxins and humates