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Plant Life 360

Welcome to Plant Life 360, we provide a distribution channel for safe and certified organic amendments to farmers, growers, and gardeners worldwide.

Our product HumuX Premium is 100% organic vermicompost liquid extract with beneficial microbes for any soil or hydroponic system. We help improve and regenerate the soil structure by offering the perfect soil amendment professionally crafted to promote high porosity, better seed germination, and early root development. Whether you are growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, nuts, or any other plant — HumuX Premium will help maximize your results.

Plant Life 360

Organic Certification

HumuX vermicompost extract has been inspected and approved by OMRI on certified organic crops under the USDA National Organic Program.  You are ensured that our HumuX extracts meet the quality standards of being safe, non-toxic, and odor free.

OMRI Listed For Organic Use

The organic Materials Review Institute is a nonprofit organization that specializes in the review of substances for use in the organic production, processing, and handling. OMRI’s organization is broadly representative of the industry segments with members distributed among certifiers, farmers, suppliers, processors, handlers, consumer organizations, and animal welfare and environmental groups. Material review is conducted as transparent, third party review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing.

Top Industries Using Our Products

Verticals using our Organic Products to get the most from their crops.

Growing a Raised Garden Bed

Step by Step Guide to get the best results with little effort using Humux

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