Humux - Premium Life Giving Extracts

HumuX Premium is 100% Organic Vermicompost extract with living microorganisms that help regenerate soil structure and stimulate root development to increase bio-availability and uptake of nutrients. Reducing irrigation frequency by enhancing hydroponic solutions and promoting a rich hydro-grown root mass, as well as improving and maintaining soil moisture allowing the root to become more oxygenated.

LAB TESTED TO:OMRI Listed For Organic Use
Increase returns and maximize growth by up to 30%
Increases the stem strength by 10%

HumuX Premium

How it Works

If you are a farmer, you are cultivating the land with one goal in mind: to produce high-yield crops.  Plant nutrients play a crucial role in obtaining optimal crop performance.  However, you may not be achieving the production you desire…

HumuX Premium will  help:

  • Regenerate the Soil
  • Improve Germination
  • Develop Root  Structure
  • Accelerate the Absorption of Nutrients, thereby Increasing Yields

Best Application Practices

General Recommendation


HumuX Premium Extract

0.0676 oz / Plant / Week

2ml / Plant / Week

HumuX Premium
HumuX Premium

Application of the product in irrigation.

All growing systems are unique.  Our team of experts of the HumuX Premium Extract are available to customize your application dose to get the best results for your specific cultivation environment.