Humux L+H - Life Giving Extract

HumuX L+H is a natural organic plant nutrient based on humic acids. It activates plant growth by stimulating the physiological and biochemical processes, increasing soil fertility and texture.

HumuX L+H is Safe for all cultivation:  It can be used in soil, soilless media, controlled climate, hydroponics, and aeroponic systems.

LAB TESTED TO:OMRI Listed For Organic Use
Increase returns and maximize growth by up to 30%
Increases the stem strength by 10%

HumuX L+H - 275 Gallon

How it Works

If you are a farmer, you are cultivating the land with one goal in mind: to produce high-yield crops.  Plant nutrients play a crucial role in obtaining optimal crop performance.  However, you may not be achieving the production you desire…

HumuX L+H will  help:

  • Regenerate the Soil
  • Improve Germination
  • Develop Root  Structure
  • Accelerate the Absorption of Nutrients, thereby Increasing Yields

Best Application Practices

General Recommendation


HumuX L+H

0.0676 oz / Plant / Week

2ml / Plant / Week

Humux L+H 5 Gallon
Humux L+H 1 Gallon

Application of the product in irrigation.

All growing systems are unique.  Our team of experts in HumuX L+H Extract are available to customize your application dose to get the best results for your specific cultivation environment.