About Us

We are a third-generation family dairy farm, with more than 10,000 cows fed under stringent dietary requirements. In 2010, driven by the vision of moving towards more sustainable agriculture practices to contribute to a better environment, we combined traditional agriculture with humus worm-casting (Vermicomposting) to build one of the most advanced and automated controlled processing facilities to meet the needs of cultivators worldwide.

Our manufacturing plant houses more than 200 million Californian red worms (Eisenia Fetida) that produce the highest quality 100% organic worm-casting extract in the industry. Our concentrated organic extract consist of high levels of valuable microorganisms, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and natural hormones of earthworm.

HumuX Premium is an extract that acts quickly and effectively to improve the vital functions of crops, allowing the producer to increase their productivity and the quality of their harvest. With a high-volume daily production, the effectiveness, quality and consistency of our product is unquestionable and widely recognized. Extensively tested by growers, HumuX Premium has been shown to significantly increase yields.

Plant Life 360
Humux-Life Giving Extracts
Plant Life 360 - HumuX Premium - Bed
Plant Life 360 - HumuX Premium - Belts
Plant Life 360 - Cucumbers
Plant Life 360 - Cucumbers
Plant Life 360 - HumuX - Solid
Plant Life 360 - HumuX - Other Side of Bed
Plant Life 360 - HumuX - Vermicompost
Plant Life 360 - HumuX - Bed with Water System