At Plant Life 360, we believe that organic fertilizer is the best way to nourish your plants and soil.

We aim to improve the agricultural experience by distributing safe and certified organic products to growers to nurture their crops and maximize their production without jeopardizing our environment. We are dedicated and passionate about providing the highest quality organic fertilizer made from vermicompost.

We source our organic fertilizer from trusted suppliers who use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our product HumuX is OMRI certified, which means it meets the highest standards for organic production. We offer a Safe and Certified Organic Amendments distribution channel to Farmers worldwide.

Our vermicompost liquid extract is produced using a natural process that involves earthworms. Earthworms break down organic matter and convert it into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that is easy for plants to absorb. Vermicompost is also rich in beneficial microbes, which help to improve soil health and plant immunity.

Why Choose HumuX L+H?

Humux L+H is a cocktail of microorganisms, organic matter, and macro, and micro nutrients that directly influence the recovery of crop soils and the natural cycle of plants.

  • It is 100% organic and natural (OMRI Certified)
  • It improves and regenerates soil structure.
  • It is a natural source of micro and macro nutrients.
  • It is a complete soil ecosystem in a bottle.
  • It increases bio availability and uptake of nutrients.
  • It enhances flowering and fruit set increasing yields.
  • It is safe for plants and the environment.
  • It reduces water loss by retaining it in soil.
  • It is compatible and easy to use.
  • It is affordable and accessible.
  • It is Odor-free.
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Humux L+H - Life Giving Extract
Plant Life 360 - HumuX L+H - Bed
Plant Life 360 - HumuX L+H - Belts
Humux L+H Homogenization
Humux L+H Homogenization
Humux L+H Liquid Extract
Humux L+H Liquid Extract
Humux L+H - Life Giving Extract - Corn Crop
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Plant Life 360 - HumuX - Bed with Water System