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Are Worm Casting the Best Fertilizer for Hemp and Cannabis?

Earthworm Castings are “growing” in popularity in the hemp and marijuana community. With cannabis being legalized either for recreational or medicinal use in many states, marijuana farms are sprouting up everywhere.

One of the biggest challenges they face is trying to identify the perfect hemp and marijuana plant food. While it’s often been overlooked, because it’s somewhat difficult to find, Worm Castings are proving to be the ideal soil supplement for
Hemp and Marijuana growers.

Hemp and Cannabis

An Ohio State University study found that Worm Castings have a substantial effect on the yield of crops. They found that increased yield was due to plant growth regulators produced by microorganisms within the castings. In short, the castings have billions of tiny, healthy bacteria within them that contribute to the rapid germination and growth of plants.

HumuX L+H, 100% Organic Liquid Extract, is produced by millions of earth worm that are nurtured under a controlled environment. Our concentrated organic extract consists of high levels of valuable microorganisms, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and natural hormones of earthworm. We offer the highest-quality organic liquid extract in the market.

When being cost-conscious, you do not want to spend too much on fertilizer or soil
supplement. If you are in need of a cost-effective solution, HumuX L+H Liquid Extract is the way to go.

Hemp and Cannabis